WWDC Keynote Live Coverage

This is the official post letting everyone know what WWDC Keynote coverage options we have.

For the text/browser inclined, we’ll have live keynote coverage available here: http://wwdc2006.theappleblog.com:7070
We’ll have it up all through out WWDC 2006 (not just the keynote). So come hang out in there with hundreds (if not thousands) of other mac users and keep up with stuff as it’s released during the keynote! (No special plugins required, just a modern, updated browser)
The chat app died. You can now hang out with us in our AIM chat group “TheAppleBlog”…we’ll still have live coverage and chat, it just won’t be in our web chat area.

For the audio inclined, we’ll have a “party line” available to those of you who are familiar with SIP. It won’t have the live coverage but will be a way for people to chat and react together. You can check out how to get all of that setup here.

Looking forward to chatting with all of you!

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