How big is the Blogosphere really?

Dave Sifry’s State of The Blogosphere report has a much talked about event, one that generates maximum impact in the blogosphere, not to mention the generous link love. So much so, Sifry, CEO of San Francisco-based Technorati, a blog search company, has become synonymous with the rapid growth of the blog phenomenon.

In his latest missive he says there are 50 million blogs, which can make you go ….. realllllyyyyy! Well, Kevin Burton isn’t buying it, and he did number crunching of his own, using Sifry’s data and came to a different conclusion: the blogosphere isn’t growing as fast as Sifry suggests.

There might have been 50 million blogs that have ever been created but there aren’t 50 million blogs in active use.

Technorati says that there are 1.6 million postings per day, and with 50 million blogs out there, it works out to about 0.032 posts per blog per day. To Kevin it seems that there are a lot of inactive blogs out there.

I just checked the numbers for the April 2006 report: 35.3 million blogs and 1.2 million blog postings. That works out to about 0.034 posts per blog per day. Between the April and July reports, the blog posts per day are up 33%, while the total number of blogs are up 41.6%. Kevin might have a point when he writes: “number of active blogs is on a linear growth scale not an exponential scale… and Technorati has a high number of inactive weblogs in their index.”

I would let Kevin, Dave and others debate this issue. But while you are at it, please do read the lively debate currently underway at Kevin’s blog.

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