Samsung Q1 BIOS upgrade available

Samsung_q1_8Eagle-eyed jkOTR reader Bill spotted a BIOS upgrade for the Samsung Q1 on the company’s website; the 912 Kb file is dated July 28th and will bring your BIOS up to version "MA02". Bill and I have both run the upgrade without any major issues. Bill had to re-install Norton AntiVirus and also repair Office while I have yet to see any negative impacts. I don’t use Norton and I’m running the Office 2007 Beta on Sammy.

Samsung doesn’t really provide much info on this BIOS upgrade so it’s not yet clear what this fixes or adds. This short description is all we have to go on at this point: "You can update the BIOS & Micom in yourself". The upgrade is a simple five-minute process: download the executable, close all programs and run the upgrade directly in Windows; the upgrade will force a reboot. I HIGHLY recommend that you have your Q1 plugged in with the AC adapter when running the BIOS upgrade. I’ve got a note in to Samsung for additional details and will share them once I get a response. Thanks to Bill for spotting the upgrade!