Motricity Getting Mega Money

Motricity, a Durham, NC-based wireless start up has raised another $32 million in funding, led by Advanced Equities, which is the companies 7th round to date. The 5-year-old company, which has so far raised $152 million, also says it will add more funding to the current round in the coming weeks. Others report that the total round will be closer to $60 million and will include Qualcomm, Intel Capital, and New Enterprise Associates among others.

The company has been rumored to be eyeing the public markets, but because the current IPO market is soft, quite a few companies are doing big rounds to ride out the current softness. The money could also be for more acquisitions, and Motricity bought wireless content company GoldPocket Wireless in July. Motricity manages mobile content for large media companies and wireless carriers, and competes with the likes of Verisign, not to mention a bevy of startups.

Other than Amp’d Mobile, Motricity is now one of the most well-funded wireless startups around, and certainly one of the best-funded right now in North Carolina, where the company’s headquarters are based. The company is so popular in the city of Durham, after adding over a hundred jobs since last year, that Motricity execs told us that the city once declared a “Motricity Day.” CEO Wuerch is a character in himself, sporting congressional cuff links to interviews and looking very Kennedy-esque.