Best of Both Worlds, PC on a Mac

Last week I had a chance to meet with executives from Parallels, who introduced me to their wonderful virtual machine product. I have installed it on my iMac, and have installed Windows XP and Ubuntu. Both work flawlessly. I have been using the Windows XP install to run Microsoft Outlook.

The speed with which the application (Parallels) and Windows boot up, Outlook has just become another app in the dock. I am trying to figure out a way to change the Parallels’ icon, and replace it with Outlook. (My Candybar and Pixadex have stopped working for some odd reason.) Of course, when the new comes, well ….parallels - pc on a mac

Parallels’ team says they have sold nearly 100,000 copies. At $80 a pop, the sales are strong enough to keep this tiny company going for a while. They are now selling in Apple stores, which can be a blessing for a small company. (Anyone who wants to let me know about how Apple stores impacted their sales, please get in touch.)

They are going to release an update later this year which would make Parallels even better. With over a million macs shipping every quarter, and all of them now with Intel processors, things look good for Parallels. The company has raised some venture capital, but refuses to divulge the name of their backers. (Update: Sources say that Insight Capital might be the backers of this company. This is not confirmed with the company.)

Nevertheless, no one is going to miss the Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac. You can wait for VMWare’s free VM but Parallels is here and now, and worth a shot.