Mobile Internet Population Grows

Telephia has reported that the number of people in the US using the mobile internet is growing. The US Device Census Report for Q2 2006 showed over 34.6 million mobile web users in June. Yahoo Mail was the most popular site with 6.5 million people accessing it, followed by The Weather Channel (5.8 million), ESPN (5.3 million), Google Search (4.4 million) and MSN Hotmail (3.4 million). Other top sites were MapQuest, CNN, AOL Mail and other Yahoo sites. In all the top mobile web sites there isn’t one that is mobile specific, they’re all mobile versions or direct access to major web sites, lending credence to the idea that a seperate mobile web isn’t wanted by customers…at least in the US.
Of the mobile browsers, Openwave had a 27% marketshare, Motorola’s browser a 24% marketshare and Nokia’s broswer 13% market share. Then we have: “Access NetFront (9 percent); Teleca AU (6 percent); Sony Ericsson (5 percent); RIM (5 percent); Blazer (4 percent); Samsung (3 percent); Microsoft (3 percent); and Danger (2 percent)”. This is just for the US.
PC Magazine notes Telephia reported that users in January conducted and average of 31.4 user sessions in the month, compared to 34.3 sessions in June, an indicator that the mobile Web is growing in popularity.
In related news, University of Manchester scientists are seeking to make the mobile web more accessible.