Kiko On the Block

Web calendar Kiko has put its domain and code up for sale on eBay with a minimum bid of just under $50,000.

Web 2.0 is not all launch parties and magazine covers and bubbly! The online calendar space is one of the more crowded spots to be right now, and the two Kiko founders say they want to have the freedom to work on a new project.

The calendar (condition: used; shipping: free!) gets about 40,000 visitors per month, has natural language functionality, lots of AJAX, RSS feeds, sharing, iCal and vCard support, and an API, according to the eBay post. No bidders have chimed in yet but the listing has only been live a couple of hours.

I just talked to Kiko founder Justin Kan and he says the sale isn’t a sore point, simply “the easiest exit” for the project. He had previously asserted in a blog post that Kiko had nothing to fear from Google Calendar. Today he admitted “Our desire to move on to another project, while helped along by Google, isn’t because of them.”

Kiko had emerged from last year’s Y Combinator summer session in Boston, along with Reddit. Thanks for the tip, Narendra!