Mp3Tunes launches Oboe Free (Storage)

Michael Robertson, the founder of, SIPphone and a whole slew of other companies is at it again – giving away free storage (1 GB) as part of Oboe Free, a music storage locker. You can upload your music to this locker and get unlimited high-quality music streaming. (Maybe we could put together a list where you can get free storage, tips?)

Oboe Free can store up to 1000 songs. Providing much more than simple online storage, Oboe Free is also accessible for listening and syncing through some Internet-capable devices and services like TiVo. One could listen to a lot of music on Nokia 770 while sitting in a park in Mountain View over GoogleFi.

The Oboe Locker comes with Oboe Sync software, enabling easy syncing of music from a user’s computer to their Locker. The Oboe Locker is compatible with most music file formats including .mp3, .wma (Windows Media), .aac (iTunes) and .ogg. In addition to Oboe Free, MP3tunes also offers two other versions of the Oboe Locker with more storage and features designed for music fans: Oboe Premium features unlimited music storage and accommodates much larger size song files for just $39.95 per year. Oboe Basic features twice the storage capacity of Oboe Free for only $19.95 per year.

Michael’s thoughts on his blog.