Yahoo Kills Blog Search?

Did Yahoo kill their blog search service? That’s the top meme on Techmeme, but since it is based on just one report, it is prudent to wait for Yahoo to officially say something. Yahoo had launched blog search with much fanfare in October 2005 as part of Yahoo news search. The results for something, say Skype resulted in results from mainstream media sources and from blogs. Well, apparently that is not the case anymore. If they indeed did kill the service, I am not going to miss it, since I wasn’t a fan in the first place.

Kevin Burton says that some blogs are being included in the Yahoo News search results like those of Lifehacker. We found results from Gizmodo, both publications from the Gawker stable. Still, he does make a good point when he writes…

Most consumers just want to search. They don’t think about blogs. If you’re searching Google for ‘Firefox’ and the top result is from a blog and the second result is why would you not show the first result? The trick is to ship a decent algorithm that can build a composite index.

There have been some doubts about the viablity of the while notion of blog search. My contention has been that when doing blog search, contextual relevance is more important. Other people think that instant or near real time results are more important. What do you think?