Internet Backbone Consolidation Continues…

Having atoned for its past sins, Global Double Crossing is back in the growth mode, and says it will buy FiberNet, a metro area network provider for about $96.1 million. It is no different from a recent buying spree by Level 3 Communications. Level 3 is trying to transform itself from a pure vanilla backbone provider to a more metro services company. That’s where the money is for now. Just a quick rundown of what has transpired since the telecom bubble burst in 2001.

New Level 3 = Level 3 + Looking Glass + WilTel Communications + Progress Telecom

New Qwest = Qwest + OnFiber

Verizon = Verizon + MCI

New AT&T = SBC + BellSouth (pending) + AT&T

Tata Telecom =  VSNL + Teleglobe + Tyco

Reliance Communications = Reliance + FLAG Telecom

I am sure I am missing some, so let me know.