Motorola Makes Music with Asia’s Leading Pop Icon Jay Chou

Motorola has signed on Jay Chou (“one of Asia’s leading music artists”) as a brand embassador. This includes Jay appearing in advertisements for Motorola, and Motorola putting a dedicated Jay Chou space on MotoMusic in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, which will feature his ringtones, full tracks, music videos, exclusive footage and interviews. I think this last part is important — it offers his fans something new that they can’t get anywhere else. In addition, Jay’s new tracks will be available from MotoMusic before anywhere else (his current catalog is already up there).
A range of Jay Chou phone accessories will be joined by a Jay Chou-branded MotoRokr E2 handset, which is preloaded with Jay Chou ring tone, full track, screensavers and bonus video.