What’s New Today: Kaboodle, et cetera

Social bookmarking site Kaboodle is finally adding shopping comparison prices, among a bunch of upgrades for Tuesday. Price comparison will start with products in the Shopping.com API, but could be expanded to travel and healthcare, Kaboodle CEO Manish Chandra said in an interview Monday.

The company will also start offering multiple ways for users to display their collections (especially on other sites like their blogs and MySpace profiles), including a slideshow Flash widget, a drag-and-drop-type collage layout Flash widget, as well as a calendar view for travel planning. Kaboodle is making a big effort to appeal to non-geeks, but mom and pop are far from arriving en masse. The company has seen 50,000 users — that’s registered users — since launching nearly a year ago.


  • Blinkx has tied up a deal to power video search on Lycos. The startup seems to be regularly making partnerships, but nothing headline-worthy: TotalVid, Trouble Homegrown, the History Channel UK… Interestingly, Blinkx recently partnered with AOL — despite the fact the portal just bought its own video search company, Truveo — for a kid-oriented site called StudyBuddy.com.
  • SimpleSeating.com: Web 2.0 for…uh…seating charts. The current site (scheduled to launch by the end of the month) says you’ll have to pay at least $25 for events with more than 50 people.