What’s New Today: More P-P2P, et cetera

It’s hump day in August. A few tidbits:

  • YouSendIt, one of the personal P2P services, has upgraded its system. You can now send up to 100 MB for free (is this a downgrade? didn’t it used to be a gig?) with 100 downloads per file. The company also sells a $4.99/month ad-free service as well as corporate versions for $19.99/month and $29.99/month.
  • Also, Box.net has added a little trick to add a button to your blog or profile that downloads something you’ve uploaded to their online storage service.
  • Yahoo’s Flickr saw 1,234,384 photos geotagged in the 24 hours after launching the feature. It also released location extensions for its API.
  • WikiWalki, another Google Maps mashup, helps you put hiking and biking trails onto a map and share them and export them onto GPS devices. Like the Gmaps Pedometer but less hardcore and more community-oriented.
  • This item is slightly stale, but Microsoft, has…well…answered to Yahoo Answers, Google Answers (except Google uses fancy expert people) and social search in general, by opening up its Windows Live QnA. It’s the opposite of Usenet et al, where the old guard will shun you for accidentally repeating something they talked about five years ago. Heartfelt answers abound.