News Flash: Walt Disney Buys Out M2W, China Arm Of Mobile2win

This just in. Alok Kejriwal, CEO of Contests2win, one of the three promoters of M2W, just confirmed to us that the deal is through. The Walt Disney Internet Group has acquired M2W, the Hong Kong-based M2W (essentially the China arm of Mobile2win). Disney had been talking to M2W for the last one year. There was also talk of it almost falling through. Now everything is clear. “The deal is done,” an ecstatic Kejriwal told me over phone from Mumbai. The numbers are, however, not disclosed. Kejriwal said this much, “It was an absolutely brilliant exit. To me as an entrepreneur, this is my first exit.”
In an official release, Contests2win said the acquisition does not impact the company’s Mobile2win India enterprises. Commenting on the acquisition, Alok Kejriwal CEO and founder of said, “This is a significant milestone for c2w. We began as a small start up and within 3 years, have created a leadership position in the mobile marketing and mobile value added market. This exit demonstrates our ability to build significant value for all our stakeholders.-