Tucows Bought Kiko

It turns out Kiko, the web calendar that sparked a thousand bubble-or-not conversations, was bought by Tucows. Kiko had put itself up for sale on eBay and sold for $258,100. Tucows is a public domain name registrar that sells hosted email, website tools, et cetera. You might remember their shareware directory. The company set up a corporate blog to justify its recent purchase, with CEO Elliot Noss saying it was simpler for his company to buy a next-gen calendar to integrate with Tucows’ email rather than spend the next year building it. Apparently building calendars bores everybody. “[W]e have so many things to do in general and so many exciting things to do with email in particular that it was just not going to be possible until at least Q2 of next year and even then the plan didn’t really excite anyone around here,” writes Noss. Thanks for the comment, Ken.