France Goes Fiber Broadband

[Updated with errors fixed] A while ago we had pointed out that DSL might be a transition technology to fiber-based networks. Japan and its broadband operators certainly have been following that strategy. Now another broadband innovator, of France is following suit and will launch a FTTH based network in 2007. Free has two million ADSL subscribers. For 30 Euros a month, you get 50 megabit/second, free phone calls to landlines and HDTV with PVR and some WiFi thrown in for kicks. James Enck points out that to Illiad’s has similar (oops! sorry about the screw up.. thank you all for pointing out the error in my pre-coffee post.) plans for what he quaintly calls the French fiber revolution. Esme has some details on all that. Apparently, Free stock is down 18% for the day on capex concerns. Can anyone confirm that.

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