Its’ a Widget World

Earlier this morning our good buddy, Mike Rundle was talking about widgets, in response to a previous post.

I think the next stage would be to allow users to get the web data they want without even opening their browser. Targeted, practical, functional widgets that give users the dashboard-like information they get from their favorite sites or RSS aggregators.

Funny, he brought that up. This morning, my debut column for Business 2.0, Suddenly everything’s coming up widgets, went live on their website. That’s precisely what I am talking about and talk about startups like PostApp (which has changed its name to Widgetbox), Mashery and Netvibes.

Even Nokia has gotten into the action with Widsets. There are some companies that I could not include in the column, such as Snipperoo, but then that’s what this space is for. My current favorite widget: MeeboMe.