Cingular’s 3125: beam up a Win Mobile Smartphone for a $150!

"RAZRvs3125.jpgCaptain, we’re being hailed….."
"On screen."
"Has anyone seen this in the Vulcan database? I’ve never seen a configuration like this."

In what is likely one of the most detailed reviews I’ve ever seen, Mobility Site is among the first to get a production Cingular 3125 and provide a fully detailed written review. This phone is slim like the Motorola RAZR but runs Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone edition and only costs $149 currently. You’ll get EDGE support, but no WiFi; lack of WiFi is becoming a trend that alarms me on these types of devices but since you can’t synch over WiFi due to ActiveSync "enhancements", perhaps this isn’t a big deal.

Saying anything more about this phone would be a disservice to the extremely solid review and video. I did mention the video, right? That was the "on screen" command above. 😉