Yahoo Beta Mail For All

Yahoo Thursday opened up its beta mail to just about everybody. The ad-supported beta mail brings desktop clients to the web, with calendar, mapping, drag and drop, tabbed navigation, et cetera. This comes out of Yahoo’s 2004 acquisition of early AJAX innovator Oddpost. We had heard gripes about the beta mail (available to a limited group since last summer) running slowly; hopefully everything’s optimized by now.

Yahoo already has the biggest email service out there; its existing free email edges out Microsoft’s Hotmail, with 255 million users worldwide, according to comScore. It doesn’t seem that Yahoo is actively promoting the open beta yet, as we had trouble finding any mention of it through a newly opened Yahoo Mail account…but direct access is available here.

Yahoo has been busy tying up the loose strings from its acquisitions of the last two years, making connections between Flickr, Maps, and Upcoming, and bringing the innovations of Flickr into its new Photos. Is it time to go shopping again?