CableCos -11,000 VoIP Customers A Day

North American cable operators (including those from North of the border) are signing up nearly 11,000 voice (oIP) customers a day, and now have close to 4.7 million subscribers, according to a study by Cable Data News. The report says that the CableCos have signed up over a million customers in Q2 alone. Cox and Comcast have about 2.3 million older circuit switched customers, which means they will sooner or later end up on IP as well.

The data should not be a surprise given the continuing land line losses at phone companies. AT&T, for instance lost about 426,000 lines Р106,000 additional lines (mostly used for dial up and fax) and 320,000 primary lines, reflecting the reality of continued migration of phone line customers to wire­less, and cable.

Regardless, the speed with which CableCos are snapping up phone customers shows that the phone companies are under extreme pressure to roll out their triple play offerings.