Ilium InScribe now available for FREE!

Hopefully, you remember how excited we were when Ilium announced a beta version of InScribe. This data entry application showed great promise for UMPCs and Tablet PCs alike and now Ilium has released the final version of InScribe! I was already impressed with the beta version and yet the final version appears much more refined and usable.


You don’t need to learn a new keyboard layout for InScribe; you simply tap or drag across the keys you wish to use. The app is smart enough to know that you want to use a character when you change direction and slide to another character. If you’re dragging on the keyboard and lift your finger or stylus, InScribe knows that’s the end of the word and adds a space. It’s that simple and effective!

The advanced features really set this program apart as well:

  • You can customize a keyboard layout; add a key or remove a row if you need to.
  • Transparency of the application is user controlled.
  • Need access to the app behind InScribe? Hit the "Ghost" button for transparency of InScribe and full access to the apps behind it! (This is like scary-cool and addresses one of the major DialKeys complaints!)
  • Tray minimization and app resizing which is great for the "small screen".

Here’s the best part: did you notice that we categorized this post as a "Freeware of the Moment"? That’s because Ilium is making this program free to everyone at this time! That’s right: this application is completely free making it a win-win situation and a no-cost productivity booster! This app just got moved to my "must have" list for Sammy. Thanks Ilium Software!