OMMA East: Ross Levinsohn, President, FIM

News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media has proven you can buy enough traffic — 131 million uniques at last count — to create a massive online presence. Now the division, while still interested in some acquisitions, is focused primarily on a) organizing what it has into a true network; b) making it pay; c) continuing growth; and d) making it pay. One example from Ross Levinsohn, president of FIM: the recent Burger King-sponsored FIM blitz for the premiere of The Simpsons. As we wrote at the time, the immersive experience put The Simpsons across the various FIM properties. I’m not sure how it paid off for the premiere but 1.4 million streams of the first seven minutes of the premiere episode were served in three days. At MySpace, users left the streams up for about 80 percent of the length; MyFox viewers for about 50 percent. lso at MySpace, The Simpsons gained about 71,000 friends in three days and 1,264 comments. (Those numbers don’t sound extremely high for a service with that many users but still not shabby.)
— One issue FIM faces now is making sure that people know it isn’t just MySpace, although the social network maks up the bulk. In a following panel, Levinsohn said two other properties — IGN and — actually showed the direction he thought the internet was going in more so than MySpace, a mix of professional and user-generated content.
— Levinsohn said as MySpace expands globally it ends up in a country’s top 5 sites. Next up: Germany and Japan.