Funded SodaHead, a new social network by XMySpaceR

MySpace is worth $15 billion, says HB 2.0. Okay if that is the case, then a new social network concept by MySpace employee number 5 has to be worth at least $4-to-$5 million in venture capital dollars. Jason Feffer, former vice presidents of operations at MySpace is close to snagging funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures for his new company, SodaHead.
Sources in Silicon Valley say that this social network is targeting grown ups who want to have grown up conversations about like price of natural gas or war in Iraq. The buzzword is – social wisdom.
Call me crazy, but isn’t that what blogs are for! Anyway, we should expect more XMySpaceR to jump ship, and cash in on MySpace-craze. On SodaHead, we have heard that the company cannot hire from MySpace because of non-compete agreements. By the way 53% of those who voted in a previous poll think that the social networking madness has got to stop.