How to not protect iPod theft for only $30

Targus_ipod_06_1No doubt about it: as devices get smaller, they get harder to protect from theft and loss. Targus has some new twists on old protection methods, but how good are they? Not very according to security expert Marc Weber Tobias; Marc has great piece on Engadget today that covers the gaps of the Targus mobile security lock system. The security equipment is similar to a Kensington cable lock, with the exception being that the 3-digit combination part has an interface designed for an iPod docking port. Sounds great except for two things:

  1. These 3-digit combo locks are relatively easy to defeat.
  2. The cable interface is secured to the iPod docking port with a wee-itty-bitty connection that appears very easy to overcome. Marc simply twisted the lock back and forth to remove it.

Do we really need these types of devices for mobile technology? Can’t we do better than what amounts to a small bike lock? [Worse yet, will we see small "iPod racks" in public places to chain your iPod?] The fact is we do need to protect our devices from theft and loss, but I don’t think a cable lock is the answer. Integration and device convergence will go a long way to reduce theft and lost of mobile devices; the fewer you have to carry, the less security items you’ll need to waste your money on. I suppose we’ll see more GPS-enabled devices for tracking purposes in the future as well.

How do YOU protect your devices from theft and loss?