Shake, Rattle & FON

A reader had tipped us off that something was afoot at FON USA, and now we have been able find out what it is – Juergen Urbanski, the general manager of US operation for WiFi service provider FON has left the company, few months after he took charge. We could not reach him for comment, but folks in the know have confirmed the news. Faisal Galaria, who left his gig as director of business development at Skype has joined FON as vice president of Business Development.
He is in town looking after the US operations and we plan to meet with him later today. (Skype, by the way is an investor in FON.) Unlike Europe or Asia, there are few Foneros in the US, indicating that the company is having a tough time getting traction in the US. You can find some FONspots but they are mostly in hotels, sandwich shops or other locations such as garages. They recently started selling a $5 router to jump start the FON revolution, but the results are not evident just as yet.
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