YouTube, Google … fuggedaboutit

TechCrunch writes about a rumor out there that Google will buy YouTube for around $1.6 billion. Hmmm, haven’t we heard this story before: (Fill name) will buy YouTube for $X Billion. At this point, we are going to wait for the fat lady to sing. Anyway the deal has as much chance of happening as me dropping 40 pounds. Google folks have to be aware of the fact that the minute they buy YouTube, they are going to have to deal with lawsuits by truckloads, which could cost them money, but more importantly distract them from their core business.
WSJ is reporting the story, so there might be sparks if not a fire here. Still they are sourcing it to one person and with the usual disclaimers. Here is an open URL for the WSJ story. I just got off the phone with Google spokesperson who declined to comment saying that it is company policy to not comment of speculation and rumors.