This one is personal – now that the deal is done, I have to start working on losing 40 pounds. So if you are making plans to meet me for a drink – not going to happen. Given that how wrong I was on this one, you shouldn’t really read any further. By the way in a poll last month, 19% predicted that YouTube would sell for over $1.5 billion. A whopping 55% said YouTube will be taken out. With that out of the way, lets see who are the winners and losers of this deal.


  1. Sequoia Capital, which invested about $11.5 million in two rounds and owned 30% of the company, which translates to about $495 million. via who else, Dr. Kedrosky.
  2. Steve, Chad, and Jawed – the three co-founders of You Tube, who must be walking away with at least $200 million each. They own close to 50% of the company
  3. Facebook, because now we can expect a knee jerk reaction from someone, probably Yahoo.
  4. Ferrari dealerships, cat litter companies and of course, the real estate brokers.
  5. Litigation lawyers
  6. Michael Arrington
  7. MC Hammer, who visited both Google and YouTube last year. Or as he sings – Can’t touch this!


  1. Yahoo, which is now going to make a move, well that is a move.
  2. Mark Cuban
  3. Me
  4. Google, because I think this is Compaq-DEC, Skype-eBay kind of a deal for them in the long run