Big, Bad XO Network

XO Communications, despite all the issues and problems, is back to building big networks. The company says it has finished its next generation network that connects 75 cities and spans about 18,000 route miles is now complete.

The new XO long-haul network initially delivers 100 Gbits/sec of capacity and sets the stage for a ten-fold capacity increase up to 400 Gbits/sec between any two cities on the network. The increased capacity enables XO to deliver 10-Gbit/sec high-speed transport services to meet the increased bandwidth needs of businesses and wholesale customers. In addition, the deployment of digital optical technology enables XO to provision or upgrade customer circuits in a matter of hours versus days.

The network is based on Infinera technology. In order to better sell the network, XO also announced two new divisions, including XO Carrier Services, which will well sell wholesale bandwidth, wholesale voice, and IP services to other carriers including cable operators. The current trends in the market are helping companies like XO, Level 3 and Global Crossing make a strong comeback after having near death experiences after the telecom bubble popped. Do you think these companies (and several others) continue to do well in the near future?