Will Goobe Go Mobile?

Now that the tech media is slowly recovering from Goobe (and Om is on his fitness kick) some are trying to figure out the mobile implications of the move.
YouTube enables users to upload video clips captured with cell phones, and we’ve heard the company has been working on a more aggresive mobile play for awhile, but it has yet to launch anything. Likely their new friends at Google will help them out, but research firm Telephia has a report out today that shows the duo should start pushing mobile user-generated video hard.
According to Telephia three percent of U.S. mobile subscribers, representing nearly eight million consumers, say they use their cell phones to take personal videos. That isn’t that high, but that percent jumps to 6% for consumers that have purchased a new handset in the last six months — particularly those that bought the Razr V3 series. In Europe, Telephia says the numbers are even higher with Spain at 15%, Italy at 14%, and the U.K. and Sweden at 12% and 10% respectively.
The Telephia report doesn’t specify if or how the users that captured video with mobile phones shared those clips. With user-generated video, though, that’s the point — send it to a friend or upload it to a site. Startups we’ve written about recently like Veeker and Mixxer are trying to tap this market. That’s why it’s such a natural extension for YouTube and Google.
A few months ago I asked Google’s video team if there were any plans to push Google Video mobile — they said there was nothing to talk about at that time. Maybe its mobile video plans were YouTube, or maybe the next acquisition for the Google, YouTube team will be to get some mobile help. Either way the market is just going to get bigger.