Widgets Live! a conference

It all started with a random post on my personal blog. Dare wanted to chat with folks who were creating widgets; one on one, and learn from them. I thought it was a good a good idea because I love widgets too, and see them as the next big evolution in the web. They signify a new movement – content going to the content consumers. The comments that followed the original post resulted in me sitting down with Niall Kennedy and figuring out if we could actually get all the widget geeks in one place. The response from the folks we talked to was overwhelming. Fast forward into time, and here we are announcing Widgets Live!, a conference devoted to widgets, and widget makers.

Widgets Live! is the first event centered around the emerging widget economy. Web pages have gotten smaller, included as components within the desktop, personal homepage, blog sidebars, social networking sites, mobile, and even dedicated hardware. Widgets have become a distribution network, pushing your content to the edge of the web and syndicated to an increasing number of connected endpoints.

It will be held on November 6, 2006 at Marines’ Memorial Club, 609 Sutter Street in San Francisco. It is a small event and we are hoping to attract 200 folks. The event will be a chance for those who are keen on widgets to meet with their peers, and interact and contemplate the future of widgets. I will keep you updated on future developments, as they happen.
Meanwhile, we are looking for sponsors, in case you are interested. The tickets are available here, and cost $100 for this day long event.
Niall writes about the event here. Dare and Download Squad share their thoughts about the mini-conference.