Denmark, The New (OECD) Broadband Leader

Okay perhaps now we will stop hearing about South Korea and its leadership when it comes to broadband penetration. Data released by Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development (OECD) shows that South Korea has dropped to the #4 spot behind Denmark (29.3 subscribers per 100 inhabitants), the Netherlands, and Iceland when it comes to broadband penetration. Nevertheless, we still love them for showing rest of the world why Broadband is important.
The US is hanging tight at #12 spot, though we have the largest total number of broadband subscribers amongst the OECD members. (Okay, some of us are getting 300 kbps masquerading as broadband, but that’s a rant for another day.) Some key points made in the report:

  • Japan had 6.3 million fiber subscribers in June 2006.
  • Fiber is hot, and not just in Japan. Danish power companies are rolling out fiber in tandem with their current efforts to bury overhead powerlines.
  • Canada is ranked #9 in broadband penetration, but it is not that far off from the leaders; an amazing feat considering the size of that country.
  • DSL continues to be the leading platform in 28 OECD countries.
  • The number of broadband subscribers in the OECD increased 33% from 136 million in June 2005 to 181 million in June 2006