Mylo Freeloads On T-Mobile

Sony is starting to realize its WiFi-only Mylo might not make waves until more users have easy access to more WiFi-networks. To meet that need Sony announced a deal with T-Mobile that gives Mylo-users a year of free access to T-Mobile’s WiFi hotspots, or free access until the end of 2007, whichever comes first. A year of T-Mobile WiFi costs around the same as the $350 cute-factor Mylo, so if you’re interested in either it’s a good deal.
Maybe in a year cities and homes will all be set up with ubiquitous WiFi networks, so WiFi-only devices (especially somewhat expensive ones like the Mylo) will be really compelling. Om tried out the Mylo earlier this month and found that it was easy to use and fun, but had limited utility. Maybe he’ll change his mind now.
Update: Mike Urlocker sums up some of the more recent strategic mistakes made by Sony and how the company has lost its way.