India Wants Policy On Regulating Images Of Sensitive Areas On The Internet

Now India wants the world to formulate a policy on regulation of availability of images of sensitive areas since these could easily be targeted by terrorists. Hindustan Times reports that Indian delegate KP Kumaran at a UN general assembly committee meeting Thursday on international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space said that: “Keeping in mind the present security threats that every nation is facing, including from terrorists and their organisations, it is of utmost importance to quickly evolve policy guidelines to regulate the availability of such sensitive data in the public domain.”
Well, we know Google Earth has been the bane of governments across the world. One of the dangers is that it gives latidude and longitude specifications, which would make targeting easier. As a sample of the kind of information available: The Register had asked people to send in Google Earth images of black helicoptors. The information is out there now, and for anyone to access – and the terrorists have probably accessed them already and saved the images. Too little too late? Google Earth also specifies the latitude and longitude of locations.