SlimDevices Goes To Logitech

There is something going on – every tiny hardware company I write about is getting acquired. (Just kidding folks, its been a tough day!) First Hewlett Packard acquired Voodoo PC, a Canadian maker of bespoke PCs. Now comes word that Logitech is buying Slim Devices, one of the more impressive startups I have written about in the past. (Guess who wins on his sale? Bill Tai of Charles River Ventures – he was an angel investor and a tireless evangelist. )
Slim Devices is part of a growing breed of small companies, dubbed iCompanies, that allow their community to share in their success. Their music players/streaming devices haveĀ  been quite the rage amongst geek circles, and Liz wrote about them recently.

Led by a 27-year-old CEO, Sean Adams, with little-to-no senior management, the company employs only six engineers, and 20 more employees to take care of assembling the product and answering customer calls. It has open-sourced its software, with outside enthusiasts/developers dreaming up plug-ins that are quickly made into core features.

PS: Apple should spend a piece of its growing mountain of cash and buy Sonos! That would make it a third sale, and we can call it a trend. Up until then, lets hear it for the little guy!