Up Next, Mobile Created Content

We’ve pointed out the growing trend of cell phone users creating and sharing video and photo content, pushed by the popularity of camera and video-camera embedded phones, content-sharing mobile applications and high speed networks. While user-generated mobile content is still a relatively small market, the International Herald Tribune points out the success of the carrier 3’s “See Me TV” service, which the carrier says has brought in more than 100,000 amateur videos and photographs, resulting in more than 12 million downloads.
All carriers are looking to take advantage of user-generated mobile content, given it doesn’t cost the carrier anything to create, and gives the customer something to send over the pipes other than low-margin voice services. While this market is exploding online, evidenced by Google’s YouTube purchase, the mobile environment is moving slower, because of networks, handsets and the carrier-controlled environment.
But it’s still starting to grow rapidly. In Europe, Mobile Streams and MTV Europe are starting to push the FunkySexyCool mobile social service which highlights photo and video profiles and a voting system. Even in the U.S., where mobile video adoption is slower, Cingular is offering a “Messaging Awards” program, where customers vote on the best user-generated video, photo and text submissions. Perhaps in anticipation of the nationwide availability of its 3G network. On Wednesday mobile video sharing startup Veeker, which we’ve written about a few times, plans to launch its service.