Sales Over, AOL Implementing New European Ad-based Strategy

AOL’s sale of its ISPs in Germany, France and the UK will bring in nearly $2 billion — and will cost the company considerably as it switches to ad-based revenues. One example: the IHT reports that London’s Enders Analysis estimates AOL will make about $140 million from advertising in the UK, a little less than one-third of the total unit revenues of about $753 million . CEO Jonathan Milier told the IHT: “One of the hardest things in business is to realize that your legacy business isn’t going to be a successful model going forward. … We were one of the first companies of the digital era to have to confront this.”
— Miller admitted being behind in China.
— Miller on partnerships with the new ISP owners and those now being sought in other European countries: “”Any partnership comes with friction, but to think that you know best how to operate everywhere around the world is, I think, misguided.”