The New American Idol… The Coder

It is officially not a trend – but getting pretty close: big technology companies are busy promoting and webcasting codercons, aka marathon coder events where hackers jock for hacking props. Earlier this month, AOL let us know that they will be webcasting the 2006 TopCoder Collegiate Challenge will be produced live from San Diego On November 17, 2006.
Now there is word that Google will webcast Code Jam event in New York on October 27, 2006. These kind of talent hunts are becoming a big draw, especially now that the tech ecosystem is green again with venture dollars.
AOL, Google and everyone else to once again compete for talent. As an aside, one cannot but be impressed by Jack Hughes who started TopCoder, a company that organized many of these events, for catching the trend early.
So how long before we get a special reality show dedicated to coders… The American Coder! (Hey, you steal this one, you gotta buy me a cup of coffee at the very least!)