LiFe without Broadband Not worth it

A survey by In-Stat says that US and Canadian consumers believe that they cannot live without broadband. For someone who has been champion the speedy connections for a while, this does come as a great bit of news, though it does seem obvious.
According to the survey, nearly 72% of all leading-edge BB households in North America already have a cable service bundle. Don’t take that stat too seriously – leading edge – is bound to create confusion. We don’t know what it really means. Cable’s share of broadband market is around 57% in the US. Of course people have a “cable service bundle.” Try buying cable broadband without television package!
The survey also shows that that 85% of the broadband household segments favor the quadruple play.They favor it – of course, because who wouldn’t want a single bill, and single point of failure: I keep forgetting to send in the check all the time. However, in order for four-play to work, the solutions have to be simple and easy to use.
Despite all that, the fact that we are thinking about broadband as our most important communication service – that is good news.