Skype Mobile, Behind the Scenes

Last week when Skype announced that it had seen five million downloads for the Pocket PC platform, I was suitably impressed. Why? Because it showed that there is clearly a demand for a Skype-type solution on the mobile phones. Of course, we all know that the delta between downloads and actual usage is huge.
The news announcement also brought to the forefront issues Skype has had with its mobile clients, or lack there of. Despite promising a Symbian client for a while, the company is yet to deliver on its promises. We know that there are issues that need to be resolved before mobile Skype clients become common place.
Of course, Nitzan Shaer who won’t be losing sleep over it. Skype’s Director of Mobile Devices has left the company for parts unknown. He is the latest pre-eBay Skyper to get out of dodge. Stephanie Bouchet, who used to handle marketing at Skype is gone as well. About a dozen original Skypers have left the company. Looks like eBay-ification of Skype is happening much faster than we originally thought. It would be interesting to see how this shakes out.