Pssst…wanna buy some mobile tech gear?

StorefrontToday you might notice a slight change here at jkOnTheRun. At the top of the right sidebar you’ll see a link to the jkOnTheRun Mobile Tech Store, courtesy of our Amazon storefront. What got us thinking of doing this was the great Amazon deal on Think Outside Sierra keyboards last week: the deal came from a reader tip and there was a reader comment from Aaron saying that he wouldn’t mind using an affiliate link for something like this, so we’re giving this a shot.

We’re trying hard not to be obtrusive with any efforts that financially support the site, but at the same time, we’re always looking for ways that can provide some minimal compensation for the large amount of time we devote to the site and the readers. Please do not feel obligated to use the store; we’d never place that burden on the great community here. Instead, if you plan to purchase anything and find that Amazon has a compelling deal, please consider using our storefront. We’re also adding "Featured Items" of products that we use or have used that work well in our mobile lifestyle, so check it out from time to time; you never know what you’ll see there! If we find or hear of another great deal on a solid mobile tech product, we might give it a quick shout out post; that’s a win-win in my book because you might find a sweet deal on a great product like the Sierra deal just last week.

One of the best attributes about the jkOTR community is the candor and commentary from you. If you think this is a terrible idea, I’m sure you’ll let us know; as always we appreciate all of your views, whether positive or negative. Ideally, it would be the pinnacle of success if we could drop the FT gigs and bring you mobile tech news and reviews day in and day out; until we can find a balance between time, effort and compensation, we’ll just keep pluggin’ along! I hope you’ll continue to join us each and every day!