And two new things… LOG & Buzz

It has been a while since we launched the new look for GigaOM. As you might have noticed, things have been busy around here. First of all being a rookie manager, I am learning a lot of new things about business — how it is run, and perhaps, how it should be run. And all this while we’re having fun.

October is shaping up to be one of our best months from a traffic perspective, but also from an editorial standpoint. Katie, Liz, Robert and the rest of the GigaTeam have been busy coming up with interesting stuff, stuff you read here first. Our GigaOM Weekly Email Newsletter, which features one major article before it is published on the site is about to cross the 1,000-subscriber mark.

Keeping in the tradition, of adding and tweaking things, we are announcing two new features: The LOG and The Buzz.

  • The LOG: During the course of the work day, we come across many interesting things, including juicy tips, news announcements and what not. They normally don’t merit a full post, and perhaps we are less inclined to spend some time on it. We scribble down these as notes, or bookmark them. Regardless, those notes, scribbles and news clips represent a working day for us. (Of course, we also wanted to give our longer pieces more time on the front page!) Now Katie, Liz and I will be sharing our “notes” in what is the Reporters’ Log. The latest addition to the LOG shows up at the very top of the page. A day’s proceedings can be found here. And if you are interested, here is the RSS feed exclusively for The LOG. We promise you – it is going to be hyperactive, and constantly updating. Sign-up, and you will be informed.
  • The Buzz: A few weeks ago, almost everyone was talking about how they wanted their own personal TechMeme. I am not sure if that was what I wanted, but I still wanted to share what was hot amongst the blogs that I was reading. And I read a lot of them.Enter Ted Shelton, long time friend and now chief executive of Personal Bee. Over a cup of coffee, he told me that his start up could do exactly that: share the buzz from within my OPML file. In less than a few weeks, we are ready to announce The Buzz. Check it out – its pretty cool. And people are still talking about TalkPlus, and now that is called talk!

We will launch a few more interesting things in coming weeks, all in an effort to give more value to the readers. Thanks for your support, and patience. If you find any bugs, or problems, please let us know!