Facebook Logo Now Appearing Web-wide

Facebook is infiltrating sites across the web, decorating everyone from the Washington Post to the Onion to IMDB with its new little “f” logo. The social networking site over the last week has been introducing features allowing members to collect content from all over the web and bring it home to Facebook through the new “share” feature.

Now it is going out all over the web and putting its name in front of people who may or may not be familiar with the site and its new open-door membership policy. The company is showing it can be a dealmaker on its own without the help of a powerful parent.

Sure, the way to get your bookmarklet on prominent sites was paved by del.icio.us and Digg, but Facebook has muscled its way in on day one (though, truth be told, we visited many of the sites on the press release and the majority don’t seem to have gotten around to deploying their Facebook buttons yet). We don’t expect Facebook is making any money off the deals, but it’s a powerful bit of advertising. Noticeably absent from the list of partners is YouTube, but they seem to be blowing off everyone lately, understandably.

Facebook had previously restricted content to that which was stored on its servers, with the only stuff that wasn’t in subtle blue and sans serif being uploaded photos. Now, it is embedding outside video and audio, making them playable from within a Facebook page, something most every other social bookmarking site doesn’t include. This of course can be interpreted as yet another step in the MySpace-ification of Facebook, but it seems silly to hang onto the walled garden just for old time’s sake.