Meebo IM Goes 1.0 with slick enhancements

Meebo, a web based instant messaging service, after spending nearly a year in “alpha,” has quietly gone to a full release, skipping the “beta” phase all together. We stumbled upon their new look web instant messaging client early this morning, when we logged in to the service. The new release has some major enhancements, including a slick new look (though the old “classic” look is still available as an option.) These are outlined in the official Meebo blog.

Meebo 1st anniversary partyAmongst the new features are ability to pop out your buddy list, or your conversation window and move away from the main Meebo browser page (though you still have to be logged in.

There is the ability for drag and drop buddy list management, ability to set profiles in AIM, and support for many different languages, including Bangla, Creole, Esperanto, Iloko, Jawa, Latin, Malagasy, Marathi and Thai. (They must have been reading The World Is Flat while coding this release.) Folks at Meebo should let their community create its own skins and icons. It could be an interesting way to get even more loyalty to the service. Of course, it is time to start asking the three co-founders their business model.