Are You IPNetworked?

It is a big day for the GigaOM family: within hours we will be kicking off our first conference, Widgets Live!, which has been co-produced in partnership with Niall Kennedy, a long time compadre and co-host of Om & Niall PodSessions.

We put this event together in less than a month, and have had great support from fellow Widget geeks, and sponsors who have provided generous support for this event. There will be quite a few news announcements at the event, which is completely sold out, and promises to educate us all about the hottest web trend: widgets. More updates from the event will follow through out the day on our Reporter’s Log, and indomitable Liz Gannes will be blogging the conference.

The other major news of the day from GigaOM perspective is that we are announcing our third blog, IPNetworked, which joins our flagship site, GigaOM and Web Worker Daily.

IPNetworked is a blog that will exclusively track the telecom carriers, cable companies, Internet service providers, Web hosting services, and the data centers. Speed changes, legislative matters, price cuts, and IPTV – it will cover a wide gamut of topics.

Why now? And how is it different? With the carriers and ISPs coming out of a deep sleep following the bust, it is a good time to start this blog. Carriers – whether telecom operators or cable companies or new fangled fiber only service providers are in middle of a massive change. The data center business is also seeing a revival. This means increased news flow. It is hard to cover it all on one blog; and that is precisely why we are starting this new blog.

Leading the charge on this new blog is my dear friend, Russell Shaw, who is well known for writing about VoIP. (No he is not going to be writing about VoIP.) Working alongside him is Russell Heimlich, another blogger whose work has impressed me a lot.

Between the two of them, I know IPNetworked is in good hands. (They have been busy getting ready for the big launch, and blogging up a storm.) Of course, like an over eager parent I am going to be popping in, and adding my two cents every so often.

Hopefully, you can come visit the new site, and subscribe to the feed.