A Widgets Live Thank You

It has been nearly 24 hours since Widgets Live, a day long event devoted to widgets ended. The morning was spent at Web 2.0 event, and dealing with some server problems. It was nice to see that both attendees and sponsors enjoyed themselves and shared our enthusiasm.

Over 200 people showed up for the event, a co-production of Niall Kennedy & GigaOM. Niall has a wrap-up of the conference on his blog. It is amazing how it began with a simple blog post, with just a couple of lines. A few weeks later, it was all a reality. Much of the credit goes to Niall Kennedy. His grit, and iron will were the reasons we got to the finish line.

A tireless worker, and an amazing organizer, Niall is also a stickler for punctuality, which explains why the conference ran seven minutes overtime. It was a first conference for us at GigaOM, but Niall has an enviable track-record, with SF Tech Sessions and WordCamp.

And now back to Web 2.0 Conference programming!