Rolling Stone Treats “Valley Brats” Like Rockstars

Time to find a newsstand. Rolling Stone is running its own personality piece on web 2.0 entrepreneurs (we had noted one from the Guardian yesterday). An excerpt is running online now. Here’s a taste of the drama at the Clift Hotel’s Redwood Room:

[T]his geek frat isn’t just about swilling drinks. It’s not even much about business: It’s a grasp for connections and control. Behind the meteoric hype is a group of ambitious young guys, fresh from school, being forced to grow up really fast. “Social life?” [Meebo’s Seth] Sternberg says. “This is it.” Now they’ve got the future on their shoulders, and they’re doing everything they can to stay true to their grand visions and survive. “It’s incredibly stressful,” says [Parakey’s Blake] Ross.