Apple & Disney to stream ESPN on iPods?

Espn_ipodI’ll preface this with the expected disclaimer: I’ve seen no proof of this. However, T3 is reporting that a recent U.S. patent filing from Disney might have given us a glimpse of the iPod future, as in very near future. According to T3, the patent shows that:

"…Disney’s created a system for streaming sports coverage from its ESPN network to wireless devices, and mentions the iPod specifically as a device it’s considering."

Again, I haven’t seen the filing, but there’s some logical pieces of info that make this believable.

1. Disney owns ESPN
2. ESPN’s mobile phone service with streaming updates failed, so it’s not unreasonable for them to consider different ways to market and deliver that content
3. There’s a clear business relationship between Disney and Apple with Steve Jobs on the Disney board
4. Wireless capability is one of the features that would take the iPod to the next level (so would phone capabilities or a touchscreen, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves)

Rumor or prognostication? You be the judge while we wait for MacWorld in January.