The future Of TV Will Be Personal — Nokia

Nokia has commissioned a report from the London School of Economics, titled This Box Was Made For Walking (PDF), which “examines the future impact of mobile TV on the broadcasting and advertising industries”. Nothing startlingly new leaps out…”Dr Shani Orgad: “Mobile TV will become a multimedia experience with an emphasis on personalisation, interactivity and user-generated content.”…”We are currently entering a new era in television, that of personal TV and video consumption,” said Harri Männistö, Director, Multimedia, Nokia. “This LSE report highlights the opportunities for both broadcasters and advertisers in this new mobile television era.”
The report argues that the main things people will watch will be broadcast and user generated content…since it’s about TV and not video that makes sense. However, the 24-page report does break down different categories such as film, animation, comedy, news and so on and explain what attracts people to view them on their mobile phones. There are also details as to where and when people will watch, and what type of people are the most likely to use the service (18-34 will be the primary users). It ends with the promise and challenges of advertising in mobile TV, such as squeezing ads into 5-7 second slots.
This is a pretty comprehensive report — there’s nothing really new here, but it does go into things in some detail. There’s also a webcast, if you’re a more audio/visual person.