Hacking Skype In & Out

We all know that people have been clamoring for a way to make Skype calls from their mobile phones. Skype, the company, has been a tad slow in making our wishes come true.

However, TalkPlus, a company we have written about in the past, has figured out a way to make Skype In/Out calls – no special Skype software needed. Watch the video on Skype Journal on how it is done, though I don’t think we kids should try it at home.

Skype Journal points out that “TalkPlus has engineered a server without Skype components that talks to the Skype network as if it were a Skype client using Skype’s own language.” Alec Saunders thinks “The impact on Skype/Ebay could be huge. Right now, Skype-Out minutes are free. Their revenue is from licensing, and from an annual 30 euro fee for Skype-In. Why buy a Skype-In number if TalkPlus can do the job?”

Me personally… I refused to get carried away… just yet! When millions use TalkPlus to place millions of calls to Skypers, maybe then it would be time to get really impressed. Up until then… cool video!