Yahoo goes on a startup shopping binge

First Yahoo says it acquired Bix, then news of a deal to acquire MyBlogLog for $10 million, and now Yahoo confims it has acquired Swedish mobile company Kenet Works. A Yahoo spokesperson in London confirmed the purchase of Kenet Works and wrote in an email:

The acquisition of KenetWorks is part of Yahoo!’s focus on mobile, will help build on our leadership in mobile services and furthers our goal to connect consumers with the people and information they care about. . . KenetWorks’ technology complements our services and will enable us to continue to develop innovative experiences for mobile devices.

Yahoo won’t comment on a price of Kenet, but says the deal closed a few months ago. The Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri was the first to report the deal, according to a Carnegie Investment Bank report that translated the news. The paper says that the price of Kenet was at least SEK 150 million, (EUR 16.6 million or $21.28 million).

Hey startups, Yahoo is on a spending spree. Time to start visiting Sunnyvale!

On Mybloglog, our congrats to Scott Rafer, who finally has an exit… Om